Spanish at SMG

La Navidad

I love teaching about the traditions of "Navidad" this time of year! We have been learning about Christmas traditions in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries the last 2 weeks of school in December. The students love singing "Feliz Navidad" and "Cascabeles" in class. We also studied Christmas words in Spanish.

Mi burrito sabanero

Here is a link to a Spanish Christmas song from YouTube that the students love singing.
mi burrito sabanero

La Posada

December 16 marks the beginning of the" La posada." In 1554 a priest named Diego de Soria began the tradition to teach the native people about the birth of Christ. The native people did not speak Spanish, so the priest dressed up 2 people as Joseph and Mary and they reenacted the 9 day journey to Bethlehem. Here is the link on YouTube to the traditional song sung during the La posada.
Canción para Pedir Posada

8A Spanish

One of our projects this semester was to create a newscast using the Telestory app on the iPad minis. I enjoyed watching the students collaborate and create their projects. The Telestory app is completely free for iPhones and iPads with no in app purchases. It is an easy way for students (and teachers) to create a fun and entertaining presentations.

7B Spanish

In our last chapters we learned several irregular verbs, reviewed how to use the verb "gustar", and used the new expression "acabar de + infinitive" to show what just happened.

6B Spanish

Our last chapter in 6th grade introduces "AR" verbs. For students who attended SMG in the lower grades this is not a new concept. We worked with conjugating verbs starting in 3rd grade. This chapter also introduced adverbs, and classroom vocabulary. We also learned how to use the expressions "Hay que + infinitive" and Tener que + infinitive".

Merry Christmas

I hope you have a very blessed and enjoyable Christmas with your friends and family. I will look forward to starting a new semester with our SMG students in January.

La Sra. Chronister