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January 14th-18th

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Ring Leader Tidbits

~ We have a short week with kids this week with early dismissal on Thursday and Friday, so keep your heads up and push through as assessment/testing season has definitely arrived! I know it's super busy with all of the assessments that are due this week, so hang in there! You are all doing a great job!

~ Dr. Chadwell will be here at 10:00 on Wednesday morning. We will be walking around and visiting classrooms. We are looking forward to seeing the great things taking place.

~ Just a reminder to always have your current learning targets posted for each subject. While doing walkthroughs/observations, there have been several times when the current learning target is not visible. This is a district and campus expectation, so I wanted to send a friendly reminder.

~ Speaking of reminders, please remember that we cannot take recess away as punishment for behavior and/or missing work. The only time recess can be taken away is if a student is misbehaving while at recess. This is not just a campus policy; this is a district policy. I realize I may have been lacking in reminding everyone about that this year, so I wanted to take the time to make sure it's noted. Please ask me if you have any questions.

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School Bulletin

~We will be having a fire drill Wednesday morning which will be immediately followed by a lock out. This is simply where you will continue class as normal, but all outside/perimeter doors will be locked without allowing visitors to enter. Both of these drills will take place using the Crisis Go app on the phones as well as utilizing the normal fire alarm.

~ Please send me the club you wish to do for this next round. I will get sign ups out for next week. I ONLY need your information if you want to CHANGE. If you are keeping the same club, there is no need to email me. I need this information by Wednesday. Thanks!

~Teachers in STAAR grade levels: Benchmark answer documents will be available in Eduphoria beginning on January 18th. You will need to print your answer documents. The benchmark tests will be delivered to our campus, so those copies will come from admin. STAAR Online testers WILL have the opportunity to take the benchmark online. Emily will be doing a technology presentation this Thursday, and one of the things she will be going over will be where to access the STAAR Online training modules for your students. She presented this to you all last year, but she is going to go over it again, since I know we have all slept since then. :)

~ Donuts with Dads will take place on Friday morning, beginning at 7:05. If possible, I encourage you to arrive early on Friday, as parking spaces tend to disappear, and we always need more hands wherever possible. Please make sure you have turned in all the RSVP forms. Those were due on Friday.

~ January is school board appreciation month. Our school board member for this year is Dick Elkins. We will be getting a basket together of his favorite snacks to deliver to him for the meeting next Tuesday. Vickie is also working on a poster that will be hung at the board room. We are creating a formal invitation for him to invite him to the Seussical performance, and I'm also emailing him to check his availability for a campus visit. If you would like to have your students make cards, a short video to show their appreciation, write a story, etc. please feel free to do so! I am hoping to get his visit scheduled within the next few weeks, and I will be sure to let you all know once it's confirmed.

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Elk of the Month Criteria

We are combining Great Expectations character traits as well as areas discussed in Positive Action to guide our Elk of the Month selections. These areas are also the areas that Tammie will be discussing in guidance lessons. They're pretty general, but we think that's what makes you all have some freedom and creativity when selecting the students.

Here is this month's focus:












Time & Energy





Thursday, January 17th:

Early Release at 11:40

Staff Development in PM

Friday, January 18th:

Donuts with Dads @ 7:05

Early Release at 11:40

Staff Development in PM

Monday, January 21st:

No School- MLK Day

Thursday, January 24th:

Kathleen out at training in AM

District STEM Showcase @ 5:30 pm (HCTC)

Friday, January 25th:

Clubs Today (Round 2 begins)

Monday, January 28th:

Benchmark testing (Kathleen will send schedule) 5th Math & 4th Writing

Tuesday, January 29th:

Benchmark testing (Kathleen will send schedule) 5th Reading

Tuesday, January 29th:

LiiNK meeting after school (2nd and 3rd grade)

Thursday, February 31st:

LiiNK training all day (4th grade & Kathleen)

Monday, February 4th:

Staff Meeting at 3:00 (visiting principals from HCE and BES will be in attendance)

Tuesday, February 5th:

Kathleen out in AM at training

Wednesday, February 6th:

Vertical Math Council Meeting in AM

Vertical Literacy Council Meeting in PM

Thursday, February 7th:

Kori off campus at meeting

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