The Kindergarten Chronical

Rachel & Billi's Class 2015-2016

Happiest New Year!

We're back at it! We hope everyone was able to relax, adventure, explore and rejuvenate over the winter break. The room buzzed with excitement as the children came back with stories and news from their vacation. The transition back to the school day, so far, has seemed effortless. We spent a good part of the first day back just sharing with each other and talking about class goals for the rest of the year. We gave examples of what our "agreements" look like and how we can get more acts of kindness on our chart so it will be overflowing!

As we move through the month of January, we will be conducting individual assessments for each child as well as putting together your child's first narrative report of the school year. You will receive these reports before our parent teacher conferences in February. All we can say is WOW! Your children have come such a long way since this summer! We are so very proud of their hard work and perseverance and can't wait to see what the rest of 2016 brings us.

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January sight words: make, same, doing, just, they, other, place, under, help, kind

We're also studying question words so here are the bonus ones this month:

who, what, why, when, where

Continue to practice these words and the old ones at home to increase the instant recognition of them as the children begin to read more and more books. We have finished learning how to correctly form all uppercase letters and are working on lowercase now in our handwriting books. In the next few months we will be looking for children to be using the correct case, spacing and punctuation in their writing samples. You can expect to see our first "published" piece of narrative writing in the next few weeks! We are in the editing process right now as the children are writing teaching books.

Keeping it fun at home...

Here are some ideas to en-courage writing at home...

  • Set up a writing station somewhere in the house with various materials they can explore

  • Keep their writing authentic by letting them write their own invitations, valentines, thank you cards, pen pal letters and even have them help write a grocery list. This helps connect writing with “the real world” rather than just something fictional

  • Make a vocabulary notebook where they can write new words they hear or learn

  • Make it playful and fun! Don’t force anything that seems frustrating

What's coming up in math...

Along with our daily calendar activities of counting, patterns, place value and recognizing greater and less than, we will be adding a clock this month to our routine.

We will continue to set the fundamentals of numerals through 10. This includes; correct numeral formations, conservation of number, numeral combinations and instant recognition. We will finish up our number books and then use math manipulatives to learn about order, probability and 2-D/3-D shapes.

Social Studies

Last month we learned about and explored different aspects of winter holidays and traditions from various cultures across the world. As we move into January and February we will discuss Martin Luther King Jr and celebrate Black History month. We will focus on the importance of diversity and fairness as we look at the peaceful work that Martin Luther King Jr and many others believed in. We will talk about how he was a problem solver. Some of our discussions will revolve around questions like, “ How can we be problem solvers in our classroom?” and what does that look like in kindergarten?