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August 31-September 4, 2015

On the Calendar

Curriculum Night

Curriculum Night is Tuesday, September 1st. Please make plans to attend.

6:00 New Parents to Gwin Oaks (in Cafeteria)
6:30 Classroom Meetings

I look forward to seeing you all at 6:30 tomorrow night!


Tuesday September 1 - Science Test

  • This test will cover physical and chemical changes as well as the properties of matter that were tested last week. Your child's graded science test (from Friday 8/21) will come home in the Friday Folder this week.
  • Physical changes - Changes in matter that do not change what the matter is. Examples are freezing, melting, cutting, bending, dissolving (ex. Kool-aid powder dissolving in water) and mixing (ex. Trail Mix). Students should be familiar with all of these terms and distinguish between physical and chemical changes. No new substance is formed.
  • Chemical changes produce a new substance. We have discussed making pancakes, the diet coke and mentos experiment (releases a gas), and burning toast.
  • Primarily multiple choice and writing/drawing up to 3 examples of each state of matter.

Wednesday September 2 - Math Test #1

Students should be able to ...

  • identify the number of hundreds, tens, and ones in any three digit number
  • identify the value of any digit in a three digit number. (Example: the value of the 7 in 735 is 700 because it is in the hundreds place).
  • represent a number in word form, standard form, expanded form, and pictorial form.
  • Your child's pretest and answer key will be sent home in the Friday Folder. (The grade on top of the pretest is NOT entered in the gradebook and was only used to prepare instruction.) The latest daily grade with feedback will also be sent home in the Friday Folder.
  • Please see the place value notes pictured below for your reference.
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What We're Learning This Week

Reading- Identifying the beginning, middle, and end in a story.

Word Study- Compound words with back and some

Study words: backpack, backyard, backseat, backstage, background, someday, sometime, someone, something, somewhere

Math- Representing numbers using standard form, expanded form (decomposing numbers), word form, and pictorial form; Test Wednesday 9/2

Science- Physical and chemical changes of matter; review of states of matter

Grammar- Types of sentences: Declarative (stating a fact or opinion, ends with a period) and Interrogative (Asks a question, ends with a question mark

Writing- Publishing narratives; Begin learning about informational writing (facts)

Social Studies- This week after we finish up our science unit, we will begin doing social studies during that block of time. We will start by talking about directions (North, South, East, and West; Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest) and map skills

Homework This Week

The kids are doing a great job with our homework routine. Please make sure that your child continues to bring their completed homework to school every day!

Class Dojo

Please remember to sign in to your Class Dojo account to see how your child is doing! The kids are very aware of if you are checking Dojo or not. Please continue to hold them accountable for their behavior at home! It makes our learning much more enjoyable when everyone has the same high expectations. :)

Specials Schedule

We have started our new 3 day rotations in specials. Here is our schedule for the next two days.

Monday 8/31: Art

Tuesday 9/1: Math

Wednesday 9/2: Math

Thursday 9/3: Math

Friday 9/4: Music

Monday 9/7: No School (Labor Day)

Tuesday 9/8: Music

Wednesday 9/9: Music

Thursday 9/10: Science

Friday 9/11: Science

About Ms. Bettler

This is my second year at Gwin Oaks - and I LOVE it here! I am so greatful to be part of such a wonderful community.

My family means the world to me. We are all very close. We love going to Disney World - my brother and I are huge roller coaster junkies and nostalgic 20-somethings. We also love playing with our bichon frise puppy, Sophie. She is such a trouble maker! In June 2016 I'll add on an extension to the family when I marry my fiancee, David!

Music is a very important part of my life. I have been playing piano since I was six years old. I have also been involved in some sort of choir or band since fifth grade.

As a teacher, my goal is to make sure that students know how valuable they are! It's not about if a child is smart, but HOW a child is smart. I strive to help each child see their own potential to make a difference in this world and give them the tools to succeed.