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Criterion C

Step 1

During my first step i began to see what softwares/applications I can use to create my presentation at then end i chose Garage Band and with the software I am starting my create.


Time: 10 minutes

Resource: Computer

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Step 2

I started the first step of creating my presentation now I'm going to download my background music which is "Greatest Prize by Nat Wolff Piano Cover"

Date: 8/20/2014

Time: 25minutes

Resource: Computer

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Step 3

I have inserted the piece of my music onto garageband. My next step will contain me finding pictures that relates to my NGO


Time:30 minutes

Resource: Youtube downloader and Computer

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Step 4

I am now onto finding the correct pictures i need in order for me to give a clear vision to my audience and find pictures that will be necessary to put in my podcast


Time:45 minutes

Resource: Google Images/ Computer

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Step 5

In my fifth step i will be creating the script of what I am going to say in my podcast

Date: 8/25/2014

Time:45 minutes

Resource: Computer

Script (Part 5)

A new day Cambodia

A New day Cambodia was established in 2007 by a remarkable man name Bill Smith

Before i get to in depth with my NGO i would like to ask you audience what is an NGO?

NGO stands for Non Government Organzation meaning the people who started an NGO like Bill Smith had to first use money from his own pockets because the government doesn't give funds to NGO

Now it can be pretty pricy when your supporting hundreds and thousands of kids and families

That is why i am here to talk to you guys about donations we are struggling on our financial issues currently yet we still need to support families living in poverty especially in "Stung Mean Chey"

Your not giving us the money, Think of it as you are giving the money to your cambodians in need.

How many of you go out everyday and see the children begging on the streets?

Don't you notice the number of families living in poverty?

What happen if you sow someone you care for living in the same conditions?

What if you put yourself in the other persons shoe?

And if your wondering if you donate your hard earned money, would it go into our own pockets?

The answer to that is simple.

NO, all of out donations go straight to families and we take and buy the resource people need to survive. The average of each family a year cost up to one thousand eight hundred USD. That is a lot of money when my organisation is sustaining 2000 families and counting

This is our country and we need to stick up and help the people in need!

We are One nation and we are one land together in freedom united we stand

Anything and i mean anything counts as a generous donation in our book. Remember you aren't doing this for us your doing it for your self

We need your help

Step 6

Now that i have my script ready i can now start recording my voice into my podcast


Time: 30 minutes

Resource: Garage Band/Computer

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Step 7

I need to convert the format into a movie

Date: 9/30/14

Resource: Computer

Time: 5 mintues

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Step 8

This is my final product in a mov. format ready to present

Date: 9/30/14

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