Johnson's Journal

Week of 11-16-15

Happy Birthday Wishes

11/20 - Kelly Kix

11/22 - Maria Munquia

11/25 - Olivia Johnson

This Week's Happenings


200/300 Rehearsal: 10:15 & 2:20

Performance: 5:30 & 6:30


400 Rehearsal: 10:15 & 2:20

Performance: 5:30 & 6:30


Cathy's Critters - See specific schedule from Kelly

Principal's Meeting - Christy Out

Jenny Glick A & Q in Library @ 11:00-12:15

Chick-fil-a Luncheon - Compliments of The Hills Church:)


Cathy's Critters - See specific schedule from Kelly

Birthday Cookies & Coacoa - In celebration of October and November birthdays the F.U.N. Committee will be hosting a Cookies and Cocoa. Stop by and help yourself to a tasty treat!

Kris and her crew will be serving up our annual Thanksgiving Day Feast! Can't wait!

Midday Action Team Meetings - if you have an alternate date and time, please email info to Christy and Cathy

Antecedent Training - Part 2 w/ Jenny Glick @ 3:35-4:35 - Sign-up in Eduphoria


Class Thanksgiving Day Feast/Snack - send Nacheily and Lora times for your class.

So What's the "Smiley Face/Thumbs Up" paper for????

At the last faculty meeting and at Monday's PD we discussed your peer observations that will be conducted over November and December. As a reminder each teacher will conduct 1 peer observation by Winter Break. Observations should be 15-20 minutes in length. I am asking you to work with your co-teach partners/assistants and teammates for coverage to do this. If for some reason you are unable to get coverage for 20 minutes, please let me know and we will be happy to help.

Every Teacher should have a blank peer observation form located on the clip outside their classroom door. I have attached a copy should you need another. On this form, you will indicate the times your class is involved in discovery learning/play since that is the activity and timeframe for which we are collecting observational data.

Every teacher will conduct a peer observation utilizing the peer observation sheet. When you have completed the observation, you will:

1. LEAVE the SMILEY FACE/THUMBS UP sheet in it's place (indicating that teacher has been observed)

2. Add your data to our data board on the wall outside of Brandy's office

3. Submit the observation form to Brandy.

When YOU have been observed, you will:

1. Bring your SMILEY FACE/THUMBS UP sheet to Brandy's office for a JEANS PASS!

2. Then place the sheet back on the clip outside your door to indicate your observation has been completed.

Thank you for helping collect vital data for our Problem of Practice this year. I know in the process you will learn from the many talented peers you have the privilege to work with each and every day:)

Update on Jeff

Jeff will undergo the additional surgery he anticipated on Nov. 30th. He will be out for a while recovering. Please keep Jeff, Jamie, and Mason in your continued thoughts and prayers!
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