Gabrielle Douglas

by Janet Colin and Celeste soto

babby douglas

Gabby Douglas is an American artistic gymnast. She was a member of the U.S. Womens Gymnastics team.


Gabby was born on December 31, 1995, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Her parents Timothy Douglas and Natalie Hawkins.Gabby experience with gymnastics came at the age of 3 because her older sister showed her this technique that she learned from her older sister which was a cartwheel.

Thanks to Arielle (gabby sister) Her mother allowed gabby to begin taking formal gymnastics classes at the age of 6. In about 2 years later, in 2004, she was named a Virginia State Gymnastics Champion.


father : Timothy Douglas

mother: Natalie Hawkins

sister: Joyelle Douglas

Brother: Johnathan Douglas

sister: Arielle Douglas


As in today gabby is known as a Olympic gymnast also known as the first African American to win the individual all round event. She also won the 2012 summer Olympics.also Gabby Douglas is the breakout star of the London Olympics. She made history when she struck gold in gymnastics, and her smile lit up the arena She also has this incredible flexibility, really spunky, very quick, good power, strong. All the attributes you would need to be an Olympic champion. Shes known as a hero to us people;e today


Oak Park High School


// she is a 2010 US Junior National Championship Beam Silver Medalist also on that year she won Uneven Bars Gold Medalist.

// in 2012 she won

  • Olympic All-Around Gold Medalist
  • Olympic Team Gold Medalist
  • US Olympic Trials All-Around Trials Champion

// in 2015 she accomplish

  • US National Team Member
  • City Of Jesolo Trophy Team Gold Medalist
  • US Secret Classic 2nd All-Around
  • World Championships Team Gold Medalist

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