The Works Progress Administration wants to help you!

The WPA in a nutshell

The WPA is here to help you! We offer a variety of jobs to individuals for a decent pay. Woman and men alike are accepted into our ranks. We offer plenty of job opportunities to benefit everyone, including the people of the arts. Our goal is to get people to work so they can stand and support themselves!

Job Opportunities

The WPA wants you to join our diverse group of people. We offer a variety of jobs ranging from bookbinding, lunch programs, taking care of the elderly, to building parks, bridges, and creating murals and sculptures for the city. Man or Woman is welcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) Why should I work with you?

A.) We offer a variety of jobs, you're certain to find something you're good at and like! We offer a steady pay to support yourself and family with.

Q.) Can Women do some of the heavy lifting such as building bridges and such too?

A.) While most women are placed in more 'friendly' jobs Ellen has begun to push for woman to join the Bridge workers. If you can do it, then we say go for it.

Q.) What opportunities do you have for Artists?

A.) We have created over 2,000 murals, and 10,000 sculptures and are still looking to add more artwork to this beautiful city. These are just a few of the things offered to those with artistic abilities.

Some of Our Staff

Created by President FDR

Men Under the Direction of Harry Hopkins

Woman Under the Direction of Ellen Woodward