Council Leader Update

late February 2016

Fraud Alert: Please Notify Local Units and Help Them Protect Themselves

In the metro Atlanta, local law enforcement agencies are reporting seeing an increase in wire fraud in non-profit bank accounts. Non-profits have become particularly vulnerable to wire fraud due to the increase of their online financial activity and mobile banking. They are currently being targeting because the accounts are not reconciled as often as normal businesses.

Please review your banking transactions frequently, especially if your PTA uses online banking. If you notice any unusual activity please contact your bank immediately.

A local unit PTA in metro Atlanta was recently a victim of a $20,000 theft. The PTA experienced 6 fraudulent wire transfers (each ranging from $3,000 - $4,000) out of their account within a 24 hour period, to the sum of $20,000!! The treasurer discovered the fraud within 48 hours, notified the bank branch, and began the process of submitting a claim to the bank’s fraud department, which included filing a police report. The PTA also began working with their insurance company to file a claim, in the event the bank did not return the funds. A new bank account was opened to transfer their remaining funds into while the old account remained open for the return of the stolen funds. The investigation into the theft did not yield an arrest or a suspect, but completely cleared the local PTA unit from any wrong doing. TO BE CLEAR – the local PTA did everything correctly and was the VICTIM! Ultimately, the local PTA’s funds have been returned and they did not have to complete the insurance claim; this resolution took about 45 days to complete.

Bank's Top Recommendations to Protect PTAs:

Establish two separate accounts for your PTA. One should be an operating account - which holds the majority of the funds, and one as an expense account - to use for paying vendors, expenses and linking to any electronic payment features. Money can be transferred into the expense account whenever needed to pay bills or expenses. Any money taken in through services (Paypal, Square, etc.) should be promptly moved to the operating account to keep the expense account at a minimum balance!

1. Tell your branch that you will NEVER use the wire transfer feature and to flag your account if one is ever processed.
2. Treasurers and Presidents should keep a very close eye on bank account balances. Although this PTA found the issue within 48 hours, the bank was very clear it should be caught within 24 hours.
3. Setup your account to send notification for withdrawals over a specified amount.
4. Make sure your PTA has insurance for instances of fraud and theft.

Georgia PTA thanks the North Fulton Council PTA for making us aware of problem and for their diligent work in their area to make sure their local units are knowledgable about how to protect themselves.

PTA Day at the Capitol – Still time to register!

PTA Day at the Capitol – Tuesday, March 1 from 9am to 2:30pm

Fulton County Government Center – 141 Pryor Street, SW, Atlanta, GA 30303

Opening Session will include presentations from Dr. Dana Rickman from the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education, Tyler Barr and Tynettia Elrod. After we walk together to the Capitol, we will have a Membership Proclamation signed by Governor Deal and a picture of all PTA leaders on the steps. We will then take a tour of the 4th floor of the Capitol and meet in the Appropriations room to write letters to our Legislators and have a Q&A Session. At the Freight Depot, Georgia PTA President Lisa-Marie Haygood will be our keynote speaker and lunch will be served which is a great time to speak with the Legislators in attendance.

Please wear red! Remember to bring your Government issued ID for entry into the State Capitol.

Register here! Registration includes a buffet lunch at the Freight Depot.

Online Training Available for President and Treasurer Positions in Spanish

Georgia PTA offers online training opportunities for all PTA leaders, and this week we uploaded two new resources for PTA Leaders – President Training in Spanish and Treasurer Training in Spanish. Please share these resources with your local units!

President Training in Spanish

Treasurer Training in Spanish

Please share with your local unit PTAs all of Georgia PTA's online training opportunities.

PTA University Schedule

Transitioning Your Teams – Thursday, March 3 (10am-12pm)

PTA Universities are held at the Georgia PTA State Office – 114 Baker Street, NE, Atlanta, GA 30308. Free parking is available behind the office building and in the front drive. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early. RSVP to if you plan to attend.

Open Position – Youth Services Chair for Georgia PTA

Georgia PTA is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Youth Services Chair. This position serves on the Georgia PTA Board of Directors and would serve until Convention Leadership Training 2017. Applications are due by March 10, 2016.

Letter and Application Form can be found here.

GA PTA Student Scholarship – Applications due March 11

The annual Georgia PTA Student Scholarship is available to high school seniors. Completed scholarship applications are due to Georgia PTA on March 11, 2016. Please share the applications with your HS PTSA students so that they do not miss this fantastic opportunity to receive scholarship funds from Georgia PTA.

Scholarship Application

Get recognized! Reports for Local Units due March 11

We are less than one month away from reports being due to Georgia PTA! Completed reports must be postmarked by March 11, 2016 to be considered for judging by Georgia PTA. Your local unit PTA could earn recognition for Outstanding Local Unit, Hearst Family-School Partnership, Model PTA, Outstanding Principal, Outstanding School Nurse, Visionary, and Birney Butler Outstanding Educator. Don't forget to include the Reports Transmittal Cover Sheet. All of these forms and the cover sheet are located in the 2015-2016 Leadership Resource Guide and can also easily be found on our website at

Need some guidance on how to write the reports? Watch our online video training.

Georgia PTA and Atlanta Hawks Family Fun Night – April 9

Hawks vs. Celtics | Saturday, April 9 | Game starts at 7:30pm

PTA Members and their families have the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets in all levels of the arena. In addition to receiving this exclusive discount, your PTA will receive $5 back from every ticket purchased as a fundraiser.

• Everyone purchasing a ticket through PTA will have early access to the arena

• School with most tickets sold gets to participate in the Super FUNnel.

• Two students from ten randomly chosen schools will participate in the Dream Team

• Twelve more students will be our Benchwarmers prior to the game

Order tickets at

Convention Leadership Training – Back to Athens and Back to Basics – June 23-25 at The Classic Center in Athens, GA

Planning is underway for the 102nd Annual Georgia PTA Convention Leadership Training. We are extremely excited about the training, networking and celebration we have in store for our PTA leaders! On Thursday, June 23 we will kick off with two panel discussions and then a fun networking party at The Foundry hosted by Solaro. Friday will have 3 workshops, one general session, and then "Food Truck Friday" event in Athens that is sure to please! Saturday rounds out CLT with 3 more workshop sessions and a celebratory general session with a dynamic speaker and award presentations. During CLT, we will also have District Meetings and the annual Birney Butler PTA meeting and Hispanic/Latino Community PTA meetings. And of course we will have the Exhibit Hall full of exhibitors that you will want to meet.

Make plans to attend now. Registration, meals, and lodging are legitimate PTA expenses and appropriately budgeted PTA funds may be used.

Registration (with a full list of all 60 workshops available) will be open mid-March.

Georgia PTA Important Dates

PTA Day at the Capitol – March 1, 2016

State Reflections Ceremony – March 6, 2016

Reports (from local units) due to Georgia PTA – March 11, 2016

PTA Day at the Hawks – April 9, 2016

Final Council Report due – May 1, 2016

Convention Leadership Training – June 23- 25, 2016 (Athens, GA)

Council Treasurers: Don't forget to notify GA PTA of schools who pay their dues! Email with your list of schools who have paid.