Was Romeo To Blame For There Death?

Romeo & Juliet

Reasons why Romeo is to Blame

Even though many people who were responsible for Romeo And Juliet's Death Romeo was the most responsible. Romeo did not have to go kill Tybalt because Tybalt would have been put to death or banished if Romeo left him alone as the play says.(Act:III Scene: 1 ) this is the fight argument after Tybalt and Mercutio.
“Which way ran he that kill’d Mercutio? Tybalt, that murderer, which way ran he?”

Tybalt was a murderer so when Tybalt came back to where Mercutio was killed Romeo did not have to go after him he could have just walked away go home or she Juliet but he made the rash decision to go kill Tybalt.

even though Romeo didn’t get the letter in time he did not need to buy the poison and kill himself also the play say.(Act: 5 Scene:1 )this is a scene it romeo and the apothecary ”Put this in any liquid thing you will and drink of it…. There is thy gold--worse poison to men’s souls Doing more murder in this loathsome world Than these poor compounds that thou mayst not sell."see originally he was resisting to buy it but he finally gives in and buys the poison. He could have just kept going to Varona and would have ended up fine.

LYRICS to Live & Let Die by Guns N Roses

But if this ever changin
in which we live in
Makes you give in and cry
Say live and let die

How the lyrics resemble Romeo is Responsible

it say But if this ever changin, in which we live in, Makes you give in and cry, Say live and let die it saying that he made a mistake that changed the two families forever just for love and it was something that should have never happen and but if there is a reason that change your life other lives will change
Guns N' Roses - Live And Let Die


Romeo killed Tybalt was banned from Verona, Manchu he go, leave Juliet behind,she fakes her own death,the firer send a note to late non the less, Romeo leaves to Verona before he left bought a poison to kill himself to be with his Juliet, she wakes up then stabs with the sword no more Romeo & Juliet
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How the Poem resembles why it romeo falt

because Romeo did not have to kill Tybalt because he would be charged with murder anyway so that was the 1st problem and the 2nd is he did not need to buy the poison he could have seen Juliet first and then go buy the poison.