MHS Media Center E-News

November, 2014

THIS is a S'mores Flyer!

I just learned about this Web 2 resource two months ago and was anxious to try it out, but never found the time until now! Periodically, I will be relaying media center news to you using S'mores via your NEOMIN e-mail. If you like what you see and would also like to use S'mores, but need help figuring it out, just contact me and we can plan a time to work with it.

Media Center Services


If you need any classroom equipment, such as student response clickers, TV's, projectors, digital cameras, a video recorder, let us know. There is a Media Equipment form at the check-out desk that can be filled out for equipment needed and dates of use.

Newspapers in Education

The media center is involved in the Newspapers in Education program and has copies of The Youngstown Vindicator and Tribune Chronicle on the circulation desk. If you'd like to borrow a copy for any classroom Current Events studies, please let Sue or me know. Copies of both papers are delivered each weekday morning to the media center. Come in and catch up on all local news!


Sue will laminate materials for you. Just lay place your items in the laminating box which is located on the book shelf beside the library printers. Make sure your name is attached and she will get them done.

Student Library Visits

Students visiting the media center during the school day without a classroom teacher, will need a pass signed by the teacher. This ensures that students are where they should be at the time they should be there. Students must sign in and out on the circulation desk sign-in sheet when they enter and leave the library.

Overdue Notices

Sue regularly prints overdue notices and student library aides deliver them to students. Sometimes, however, overdue notices may be put into your mailbox. If this happens, Sue and I ask for your help in distributing them to your homeroom students as soon as you receive them. Thank you!

Projection Cart, E-reader, Flip Camcorders

The media center one multi-media cart available for use. It has a laptop, a projector, speakers , and DVD/VCR players. Also available for loan are two e-readers and two Flip camcorders. Please give us 48 hour notice if you would like to borrow the e-readers or the Flip camcorders because they need to be charged prior to being used.

INFOhio Resources for Teachers and Students

INFOhio - Ohio's PreK-12 Digital Library

New Look for the INFOhio website

Home access to the INFOhio webpage requires a username and password in order for home computers to be authenticated. MHS, MMS and MES all have the same unique username and password, but for security reasons they cannot be published digitally. If you're not sure what the login information is, just ask either Sue or me. Or, look at the INFOhio document that is on my office window. Please know that you only need to enter the username and password the first time you connect.

INFOhio's Tech Skills for Online Testing

Introduction. Use a Protractor. Use a Calculator. Use a Ruler. Equation Editor. Highlight. Deselect. Drag/Slide. Select Area. Use a Video Player. Select Text