Curriculum Spotlight

Presented to the Benton School Board-May 14, 2018

Recognition Program Funds

The Arkansas Department of Education announced that 175 schools qualified for funds through the Arkansas Recognition Program. Awards are based on information from the 2016-2017 school year. The Arkansas School Recognition Program provides financial awards to the top 10 percent of public schools that achieve high student performance on the state required assessments in grades three through 10 and the top 10 percent of public schools that achieve high student academic growth, which includes high school graduation rates.

Schools receiving recognition funds must establish a committee to determine the best use of the funds. The committee includes the principal, a teacher, and a parent representative selected by the local Parent Teacher Association or another parental involvement group. Schools must use the funds for faculty and staff bonuses, educational equipment and materials, or personnel to assist with improving or maintaining student performance.

The Benton School district had three schools that were awarded funds. Benton High School was awarded $53,194.68. Benton Middle School was awarded $39,357.36. Howard Perrin was awarded $31,600.80. We appreciate our teachers and students for their hard work. Our teachers devotion to teaching and learning ensures a strong workforce and well educated leadership for Arkansas. Congratulations and thank you to these three schools who are leading the way for our students.