Kjirsten Hess

Ecuador's Culture

Q-What types of people make up Ecuador's population? A-About 75 percent of the people of Ecuador identify themselves as mestizos. Mestizos are people that have a mixed Spanish and Native American background.

Ecuador's Geography

Q-What islands does Ecuador own and what are they known for? Ecuador owns the Galapagos Islands and they are known for their strange and unique animals. An example of one of those unique animals is a Galapagos Penguin.

Ecuador's Resources/Economy

Q-What is Ecuador's most important economic activity and why? A-Agriculture is Ecuador's most important economic activity because of the mild climate,bananas,cacao,coffee,rice,sugarcane,and other export crops grow plentifully in the coastal lowlands.

Ecuador's History

Q-Describe an important time/event in Ecuador's history. A-In 1822 Ecuador achieves independence from Spain and joins Venezuela,Panama,and Colombia as a part of the Gran Colombia Republic. In 1830,Ecuador became an independent country.
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