By: Lauren Achille, Tommy Gilio, and Will Stoner

Australian Foods

Australia has a variety of foods. Their foods range from meats, vegetables, fruits, grains, sodas, water, cereals, fish, sauces, juices, eggs, and snack foods. They were allowed only a certain amount of food a week. The weekly cost of all the food was $481.14 cents Australian dollars and $376.45 USD.

Ice Age

No body actually knows when the Ice Age occurred, we only know it impacted Australia's daily life.The rivers all flooded and the sea level rose. The rivers flooded the town area ruining all the crops and the whole town eventually abandoned it to create a new one because the rivers around their town kept flooding. Since they moved they had to find new food and ways to farm their food because they weren't used to the new town.

Gold discovered in Australia

Gold was discovered in Australia from 1851-1861. It was a turning point for Australians because the gold attracted more people hence, the population of Australia rose which affected Australia's culture in a positive way. The gold brought more money so people could spend the money on the resources they need like food.