Black History Month

Bill Russell & Satchel Paige

Some fun facts about Bill Russell

  • Bill Russell was born February 12,1934
  • Bill Russell played for the Boston Celtics from 1956-1969
  • Bill Russell also won 11 Nba championships in his career
  • Bill Russell refused to sign autographs
  • Bill Russell had also rebounded 22.5 per game

Some fun facts about Satchel Paige

  • Satchel Paige was the oldest rookie to play MLB at (42 years old)
  • Satchel Paige also played for many teams he played for 11 teams or more
  • It took Satchel Paige 4 years to get into the All-Star team in 1952
  • Satchel Paige last appearance as a pitcher was during a game in he threw for 3 innings
  • Sadly Satchel Paige passed away from a heart attack only a month before he would've turned 76 (R.I.P. Satchel Paige)
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