Negro Leagues

The History of Jackie Robinson Baseball Leagues

Teams in the Negro Leagues

  • Atlanta Black Crackers
  • Baltimore Black Sox
  • Birmingham Black Barons
  • Chicago American Giants
  • Cleveland Buckeyes
  • Cuban Stars- East
  • Detroit Stars
  • Indianapolis ABCs
  • Kansas City Monarchs
  • New York Black Yankees
  • Newark Eagles
  • Pittsburgh Crawfords
  • Austin Black Senators
  • Baltimore Elite Giants
  • Brooklyn Royal Giants
  • Cincinnati Tigers
  • Cleveland Cubs
  • Dayton Marcos
  • Homestead Grays
  • Idianapolis Clowns
  • Memphis Red Sox
  • New York Cubans Philadelphia Stars
  • St. Louis Stars

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson played in the 1945 Negro League All-Star Game where he went zero-for-five (0-5). On the Major League level appeared in the following games:
  • 1949 All-Star Game
  • 1950 All-Star Game
  • 1951 All-Star Game
  • 1952 All-Star Game
  • 1953 All-Star Game
  • 1954 All-Star Game

In 1994 the Rookie of the Year Award was officially changed by Major League Baseball to the Jackie Robinson Award. This proved that he was a successful baseball player! He was so good that they changed the award in memory of him.

What teams did Jackie Robinson play for?

In the whole of Jackie Robinson's career he played in the Negro League for one season, but the name was not listed. He then was asked to join a professional American team the Dodgers. He was asked by Branch Rickey.