Dylan York

Everybody thinks i'm awesone

Things I Like To Do


I always fish during the summer i like it a lot an it is very fun i always catch a lot of fish one time we went an we road the four wheelers into the woods an went to this pond an we caught 38 fish. Sometimes we go to my dads friends pond an we catch fish. When we went there we caught a 6 pounder
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I like to go hunting with my dad.We always go bow hunting either by our selves or with friends 2 years ago we got a massive 13 point an we had a lot of meet from it and we got the head and the hide.
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Riding my dirt back

I love to ride my dirt bike it is a yz80 it is a lot of fun to ride an i always go really fast but i tried to pop a wheelie wreaked it and broke the side of it off so then we had to fix it an it hurt my hand. We have a 10 anchor field an i go in 4th gear going really fast.
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I swim a lot during the summer. I either go to the beach or the pool in new lex or logan. last summer we bought a 18 foot pool an it is 5 feet deep an i swam in it at leased everyday of the week if it wasn't cold outside.When my older sister Kyley would come over with my nephew an niece me n my nephew Bretley would swim all day.


I like to hang out with my friends at there houses an spend the night an watch movies an play games i always go to layne talbot's house an i stay the night an we play games an we go out side with his cousins