My Famous Missourian

Jane Froman

Jane Froman's Early Years

Jane was born Nov. 10, 1907 in Univerity City, MO. Her parents divorced when She was 5. She lived with her mom Anna in Clinton , MO. Jane graduated from Christian

Show Business Career

Jane was a singer and actress .She sang on the radio and appeared on Broadway. She also sang in New York nigntclubs. Froman made several mories in Hollywood duriug the 1930's. America voted her the number 1 girl singer in 1934, 1937 and 1939.

Tragedy Strikes

In 1941 Jane began entertaining the troops. she was one of the first to ovolunteer to entertain soldiers ovevseas. on February 22, 1943 Jane was in a plane crash. Jane was one of 15 surrivors. She spent two months in the hospital and nearly lost her leg. Jane wore a leg brace for the rest of her life. While in the hospital Jane met her second husband John Brun who was one of the officer's on the plane.

Personal Life

Jane was married 3 times. First to her manager Don Ross. Next to pilot John Burns,and finally to former college friend Rowland Smith. When Jane retired she did charirty work and many community activities. Jane came out of retirement to sing at a Christmas program. Jane died on April 22, 1980. She was 72 years old.