Sandpoint High School Newsletter

January 2021

From the Principal - Final thoughts on 2020

January 2021 Newsletter

Just in case you missed it, we have moved to the second half of our academic year. I am so proud of the work both students and staff have done to make this year as good as it can be despite the numerous challenges. I also applaud the parents and community for the time and support they have given to us and their students.

As we continue to move forward with our emergency schedule, I would like to point out some of the many positives we have enjoyed. Students have enjoyed a smaller overall class load and are able to have more consistent repetition with the content due to meeting everyday. Overall, I have heard many positive comments on a schedule created to manage our emergency situation. We will continue working to make this year as positive as possible navigating through tough decisions and road blocks along the way.

Of course, we are still having to make adjustments as unplanned events and situations continue to arise. We seem to be constantly making tweeks based on ever more current information and changes of protocols. It is our goal to ensure we interpret rules and protocols correctly while trying to implement the best plans affording our students and community the best opportunities.

One specific celebration is how relatively safe Sandpoint High School has been this year. Our total number of student infections equal 37 out of 950 students and 7 out of approximately 100 staff. I believe these numbers are a reflection of the safety protocols we have put in place that both students and staff regularly follow. This would not be possible without the continued support of our community so, again, I say thank you.

I also believe we have provided a solid remote learning opportunity for most students. Many students who have chosen to remain home are still following along quite well with the curriculum in place at Sandpoint High School. I will be analyzing results and data soon to get a more complete picture of the effectiveness of our program and I hope anyone choosing the remote learning path also self evaluates to determine your success in it. It is worth a reminder that remote learning options still have expectations of time and work completion as we have noticed an increase in the amount of missing assignments from some of our remote learners.

As always, I look forward to everyone’s input as we move forward about scheduling, classes, activities, or anything really.

Thanks for your continued kindness, appreciation, and dedication to our community,

David Miles II

Principal, Sandpoint High School

Mr. Martz explains 4x4 Schedule and what it means-

For the past several years, the alternating A/B block schedule at SHS consisted of 8 classes where students have 4 “A-Day” classes, and another set of 4 “B-Day” classes. Students switched back and forth from A to B to A etc… Students earned one credit for each semester of the course. Each semester grade is important since it is the transcripted grade that defines credit in the course.

This year, the 4x4 schedule changed things. Students still have 8 classes that can still be thought of as 4 “A-Day” and 4 “B-Day” courses. However, rather than alternating between A and B on a daily basis, students have been going to their 4 “A-Day” classes everyday. This means students have progressed through these 4 courses at twice the normal rate. 1 credit is earned in each quarter or “term” thus the grades at the end of a term are the transcripted grades.

Because we just finished Term 2, students have received their transcripted grades for all “A-Day” classes. This means that February 1st is similar to the start of a new year for students, as they will begin their 4 “B-Day” courses for the first time. This means students will be meeting new teachers and getting used to new courses. For students who did well, they now have a new set of courses to show success in. For students who did not do well, they now have a chance to break bad habits and start fresh.

Because courses are new, it is important for parents to have a keen eye on how students are doing in the next two weeks. Like we’ve experienced thus far, courses run at a fast pace. Students will complete an entire semester of work in their B-Day classes in the nine weeks from Feb 1 to April 2. The grade they earn by April 2 (the start of Spring Break) will be their transcripted grade for semester 1 of their “B-Day” courses.

Elks Students of the Month-December

Congratulations to Annaby Kanning and Keegan Nelson for being selected as Elk students of the month by the staff at Sandpoint High School - The student program is designed to recognize outstanding young men and women for achievements in school and community life-fine arts, hobbies, athletics, church, school, club and community service, industry and farming.

Student Council Report

No report this month, catch us catching up in February. We are working on ending term 2 and beginning new classes on February 1

Student of the Month - December

Student Services - Counseling

Shannon Kerrigan, LMSW, Last Names A-G

Sara Gosling, M.S., Last Names H-O

Tavi Brandenburg, M.Ed., Last Names P-Z

Jeralyn Mire M.Ed., Post-Secondary Transition Counselor

Kendall Lang, College and Career Mentor

Amanda Skinner, Counseling Office/Records Coordinator

Erricka Brownell, Assistant Counseling Office/Records Coordinator

SAT Prep Class

When: March 8, 15, 22, 29 April 12

SHS SAT Test Date: April 13

Time: 5:00 pm to 6:10 pm Each student will also receive 30 minutes of private tutoring per week. Classes will be recorded and available for students who can’t make this time slot. Where: Zoom Cost: $135.00 - includes student guide and private tutoring. * A small number of scholarships are available. Contact Jeralyn Mire. What to expect: Learn all skill sets that will be on the test. Expect a 100 - 200 point improvement over your PSAT score if all class assignments are completed. Deadline March 1: Class is limited to 20 students. Email the information below to and send your payment via Venmo to @Linda-Larson-12

Send check for $135.00 to Linda Larson

607 S Division Ave

Sandpoint, ID 83864

PSAT Scores: Reading______ Math _____

Name of Student: _______________________________

Cell Phone: _______________________________

Email address: _______________________________ Parent name: _______________________________

Parent phone number: _________________________ Parent email: ________________________________

Big Future Days -

Big Future Days

BigFuture Days

College Board is hosting virtual events for high school students to connect directly with college admissions representatives and take action on the most important steps for college.

What to Expect

  • Explore colleges in a way that’s not overwhelming, and show them you're interested.
  • Take action on key college planning steps like searching for colleges and exploring careers and majors.
  • Listen, learn, and participate in live Q&A and online chat with admissions representatives and current students who have been through it all.
  • Download college planning resources, and drop in with questions for a college adviser.

Bulldog Activites and Sports


Another CyberPatriot competition season is winding down. Two teams of 6-students each have been competing in CyberPatriot this school year. CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Education Program created by the Air Force Association to inspire K-12 students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines critical to our nation's future. At the core of the program is the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition, the nation's largest cyber defense competition that puts high school and middle school students in charge of securing virtual networks. The final round is taking place on January 22nd. Team members will continue practicing after the season is over. Practice takes place after school on Thursdays in Mr. Gray's classroom.
Big picture


The annual Buche de Noël contest was held virtually this year, with students making the cakes at home over vacation and sending Mlle Stockman photos. None the less the cakes were equisite!

The Bûche de Noël is the traditional Christmas dessert in France. It was created by a French chef to commemorate an important event in French history—an act of compassion that is dear to the heart of every French person. The winter was cold and dreary, the country oppressed by a poor economy. The King wanted to show the peasants that he was concerned about their welfare, so he ordered a log of wood to be delivered to the people to be burned on Christmas Day.


¨ The cake should be edible, decorated like a log, and submitted on time.

Judging Criteria (not necessarily in order of importance):

¨ Resemblance to a log

¨ Rolled cake as opposed to unrolled

¨ Neatness

¨ Creativity

¨ Overall attractiveness

Code Team

SHS Code Team Go Live!

January 5th, 2021

SHS is instituting a First Aid response team. This team will consist of Capstone students enrolled in the Health Occupations pathway program. All members will be CPR and First Aid Certified. Students will respond to first aid injuries/accidents that may require care. They will provide basic first aid only. Two students will be available at all times during normal school hours. Available team members will be identified by Code Team Shirts as well as carrying a First Aid bag and radio with them at all times. Radios will be kept at low volume so as to not disrupt a class they may be in.


  • Code team will simulate a real workplace environment. Students will develop valuable workplace readiness skills such as responsibility, accountability, communication and professionalism. The skills they will develop in this program are unique to the healthcare field.

  • Students who partake in this program will learn to identify critical information related to injuries and communication to other members of the healthcare team.

  • To provide a service to the students and staff at Sandpoint High School for First Aid or CPR emergencies.

  • Team members learn to document their actions and pertinent clinical information from response calls and follow policies specific to their role.

  • Code team members will learn to maintain their professionalism at all times especially during stressful situations.

Nancy Miller - English Teacher Extraordinaire!

Happy 80th Birthday

Nancy Miller began teaching at SHS in 1978, (began subbing in 1971) and retired in 2008. Since then Nancy has prevailed at SHS as a substititute and remains a steadfast ally. You can catch Nancy taking tickets and welcoming visitors at most SHS extra curricular events throughout the year.

Pictured above - Nancy Miller taking a "stab" at 80 years along side friend and staff member Patsy Sletager.

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