Nuclear Fusion Energy is Solved!

A New to get energy without using the sun!

Date and Place

March 2, 2020

Richlands, NC

What is the big deal?

I, JT Sandlin, have discovered who get energy from Nuclear Fusion which used to only be from the Sun until right now. Nuclear Fusion gives off a lot of energy which basically powers the Sun. This energy can probably give unlimited energy for the whole world!

How does Nuclear Fusion produce energy?

Nuclear Fusion is the process by which multiple nuclei join together to form a heavier nucleus. This process releases a lot of energy. It takes a considerable amount of energy to fuse to nuclei. This is different from Nuclear Fission because in Nuclear Fission, the nuclei split apart to release energy.

Safety Concerns

When using Nuclear Fusion you have be cautious because of the energy release and the radioactive wastes. Nuclear Fusion also gives off heat. All of these things could harm any organism and should be taken very seriously with a lot of precaution.

Why was this done?

This was explored and discovered because of the need to get a high energy supply for the humans in today's world.

Economic Impact

This source of energy will greatly raise the energy rates and make a lot of money for our economy. The world will have unlimited energy now that producing Nuclear Fusion was discovered. Without energy limitations, we never have to worry about using up all of the energy in the world and having no power. This means that they economy will not weaken and become stronger from the new income from Nuclear Fusion.
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