Abstract Concepts

By Brad Dabrowski and Javar Duckett


Denotation- an unfair judgement against a certain group of people.

Negative connotation

Association- race, gender, social class

What does it mean to you- its a certain rejection and disrespect you have for a type of race, gender, or sexuality. Some examples that offend me would be if someone said "nigger", "cracker" "faggot", "cupcake". You shouldn't judge in that manner because deep down inside that person may have a kind heart.

In to Kill a Mockingbird- In chapter 6 when the kids snuck on to the Radley property, everyone assumed it was a black man. No one assumed it was the 3 kids. Whenever something bad happens, they automatically assume the culprit is black without any information what so ever.

In our society today there is a lot of prejudice against muslim people. Isis, a muslim terrorist organization, has caused many issues and deaths worldwide and because of this people assume all muslims are terrorists. This is just simply untrue. There are so many great muslim people worldwide, but because of the actions of a small percentage, they are viewed as terrorists in some people's eyes.

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George Zimmerman trial

I believe the George Zimmerman trial really highlights the prejudice in America. Trayvon was just walking down the street innocently one night when he was shot down by George Zimmerman. He was specifically instructed not to, but he just assumed he was up to no good because he was a black teenager walking around at night. This case was in court for a very long time and George Zimmerman was ultimately found innocent, which caused a huge uproar through out the country. This just shows how even though we are past slavery and the civil rights movement, there are still many prejudices against black people in America.


Denotation- the ability to do what frightens other

Positive connotation

Association- bravery, military, heroes

What does this mean to me- courage means standing up for whats right, even when its a hard thing to do. Exampled would be when Rosa Parks when she wouldn't get out of the seat that a white man wanted. She stood up for what was right and not for someones pleasure.

What does this look like in to kill a mockingbird- In chapter 2 when Ms. Caroline called out Walter for not having a lunch, no one stood up for him. Scout was the only one with the courage to tell Ms. Caroline that Walter couldn't afford food, causing her to get in more trouble.

What does this look like in our society- today courage is shown in many ways. The police officers have to show courage everyday. Keeping the streets clean from violence and drugs is life threatening work on a daily basis with little compensation.

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US Veterans

I don't know if anyone symbolizes courage more than our United States Veterans. They leave everything they have behind for long periods of time to go through brutally intense training to protect they country they love. Many have life long problems after the war both physically and mentally and some never even come home. Freedom isn't free and these courageous individuals put everything on the line to keep us safe.


Denotation- course of action in which someone is morally bound

Positive connotation

Association- work, family, priorities

What does this mean to me- obligation means what you have you to do. It always what you want to do or whats easiest, but it must be done. We often have to make sacrifices and hard decisions for our obligations.

What does this look like in To Kill a Mockingbird- in chapter 15 we see Atticus become increasingly protective of Tom Robinson. He feels he is obligated to do so. No is forcing him to be extra kind and helpful to Tom, but he goes out of his way to do so because he feels that it is whats right.

What does this look like in our society- Today many people feel obligated to do many different things. One thing many people feel obligated to do is volunteer work. Its not required of them, but they feel that they need to help those less fortunate than them.

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Most people feel obligated to do well in school. They put their school work and grades above all else in life. Doing well in school is important for finding a job and success for the rest of your life and most people realize this and want to succeed. Even though school is boring and can get difficult, its something we must do.


Denotation- lack of fairness

Negative Connotation

Association- prejudice, race, gender

What does this mean to you- Injustice is basically a system where justice isn't really served. I believe it isn't fair for the person is getting accused for something. Also it shows a lack of knowledge and mostly common sense on the judge to make the decision.

What does this look in To Kill a Mockingbird- there was a lot of injustice towards Tom Robinson. Even though all the evidence showed that he didn't rape her, the jury still found him guilty based on his skin color. He was later shot because he tried to "escape"

What does this look like in our society- Injustice looks like OJ Simpson trail when he killed his ex-wife and he got away with it. Except they found many evidence and witnesses and still didn't make a good judgement. OJ Simpson got away with murder maybe due with the fact he was a very wealthy man. Also In our system i notice that if your wealthy you can get away with many things.

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Civil Rights Movement

There was a lot of injustice during the civil rights movement. People were being discriminated against and not given equal opportunity just because of their race. The whites were considered superior while everyone else was looked down upon. Luckily Martin Luther King jr. brought justice to America and showed us that we are all the same and shouldn't be defined by our skin color.