Photoshop Hotkeys for Photographers

50 Photoshop Hotkeys for Photographers Mac Edition

Tired of sitting in front of a computer screen on Photoshop for hours and hours? Want to get off the computer and back out into the world with a camera in your hand? Well the photo retouching service experts here at photoExodus have a great tip to help you speed up your workflow - Hotkeys! Yes, it seems so obvious, yet there are so many great photographers I know who still only have a handful of Photoshop hotkeys memorized. So here at photoExodus we have compiled a list of the most useful Photoshop hotkeys for professional photographers. Print these off and tape them up next to your Mac, then every image editing session try and use a few new ones, pretty soon you will be a Photoshop hotkey wiz!

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Fill a layer: Alt+Backspace (foreground) or Cmd+Backspace(background)

Flatten layers: Cmd+Alt+Shift+E

Merge visible Layers: Cmd+Shift+E

Bring layer to top of stack: Cmd+Shift+]

Send layer to bottom of stack: Cmd+Shift+[

Bring layer forward: Cmd+]

Send layer back: Cmd+[

New layer via copy: Cmd+J

New layer via cut: Cmd+Shift+J

Copy multiple layers: Shift+Cmd+C


Reselect: Cmd+Shift+D

Invert selection: Cmd+Shift+I

Select all layers: Cmd+Opt+A

Select bottom layer: Opt+Comma(,)

Select top layer: Opt+Period(.)

Deselect from the selection area: Opt+drag

Deselect all but the intersected area: Shift+Opt+drag

Deselect the entire image: Cmd+D

Move a selection: Spacebar+Marquee Tool

Find the sizing handles: Cmd+T, Cmd+0

Select individual channels: Cmd+3(red),4(green),5(blue)

Select a colour from an image: Opt+Brush Tool


Increase/decrease brush size: ]/[

Increase/decrease brush hardness: }/{

Fill: Shift+F5

Previous/next brush: ,/.

First/last brush: </>

Toggle airbrush option: Shift+Alt+P

Saving and Closing

Save for web & devices: Cmd+Shift+Opt+S

Close & go to bridge: Cmd+Shift+W

Working with your images

Levels: Command+L

Free Transform: Cmd+T

Curves: Cmd+M

Colour Balance: Cmd+B

Hue/Saturation: Cmd+U

Desaturate: Cmd+Shift+U

Auto Tone: Shift+Cmd+L

Auto Contrast: Opt+Shift+Cmd+L

Auto Color: Shift+Cmd+B

Lens correction: Shift+Cmd+R

Adaptive Wide Angle: Opt+Shift+Cmd+A

Content aware scale: Cmd+Shift+Opt+C

Content-Aware Move: Shift+J

Create clipping mask: Cmd+Opt+G

Blending modes: Shift+plus(+) or minus(-)

Change image size: Cmd+Opt+i


View actual pixels: Cmd+Opt+0

Fit on screen: Cmd+0

Zoom in: Cmd+plus(+)

Zoom out: Cmd+Minus(-)

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