Physical Therapy

Be a hero also known as a Phyiscal Therapist, help others :)

About a Physical Therpist

Physical therapists are well-educated, health care professionals who help patients reduce pain and improve or restore movement in the body, helps people not have to expensive surgeries and cuts down the time of having to take medications. This job is very important because the patients are counting on you to help them get better, and one wrong thing or procedure then they could damage the person’s whole life. I would have to say that Physical Therapist is a popular job because there is a lot of people out there who like to help other and this is the job for it.


You must have a master’s degree from an accredited physical therapy program, and to be admitted a master’s degree you have to fully obtain 3 years of an undergraduate baccalaureate accredited degree. Also you have to pass a state-administered national exam and you will need to meet requirements your state licensing board may have.


You also have to have experience with therapy tools, such as balance beams, reflex hammers, physical therapy tables and muscle testing equipment, physical strength and stamina. You have to know how to communicate well with others because being a physical therapist you spend a lot of time with your patients. Physical therapists must gain clinical experience working with patients before practicing on their own. Much of this experience comes from internships completed during graduate study. Physical therapists should be comfortable working closely with patients before entering the workforce.

Salary and Promtions

The income you will be getting in a year would be around 70,000-80,000

Promotions of a Physical Therapist: Staff Physical Therapist, Senior Physical Therapist, Clinical Manager, Manager, Director, Owner, then a Clinical Specialist


Benefits on becoming a Physical Therapist you get paid time off, extended illness days, health /dental /vision /prescription coverage, life insurance, short-term disability, long-term disability, continuing education, tuition reimbursement, 401(k) plan, and personal and medical leave


Many physical therapists also receive extensive training in patient psychology to better understand and help clients cope with the emotional challenges associated with a physical ailment. Before you can be accepted into most curriculums you must first successfully pass some general education classes that will help you prepare for the physical therapy program. These classes may include to psychology, biology, physics, chemistry, statistics, English, professional writing, and humanities. After you are accepted into the program the courses will become more focused on the physical therapy practice. Also it will require for the person who wants the job to be hands-on with others like their patients.

Typical Day of a Physical Therapist

Physical therapist responsibilities include examination, diagnosis, and creation/implementation/adjustment of a plan of care. Patient examinations in physical therapy include, but are not limited to, testing of muscle function, strength, joint flexibility, range of motion, balance and coordination, posture, respiration, skin integrity, motor function, quality of life, and activities of daily living. Physical therapists also determine a patient's ability to reintegrate into the workforce or community after illness or injury.
If you like helping others and seeing the process of someone or something getting healthier. This is the job for you, make a difference :)))