Botanist Needed

The Best Job in the World!

What is a Botanist?

A botanist is a person that spends time researching and studying plants to see if they have any medical value. It is a time consuming job that could reveal new speices of plants or medicine. They can discover how plants grow in different conditions. Botanist also may study the structure of a plant or pattern. Some will look into cell division and genetic plant DNA. They also figure out how plants turn simple compound chemicals into more complex ones. Sometimes they even look through microscopes to look at even finer cell structer.

What is Botany?

Botany is the study of plants. The study goes farther than you think. Some plants studdied are algae, mosses, ferns, flowering plants, and even fungi! There is a wide range of plants studied so if you don't feel like researching fungi maybe researching a fern would suit you better.

What skills are needed?

To be a Botanist you have to have some sort of background information on plants. Traveling would have to be possible. Almost every Botanist has to leave once during the time of having their job to research a plant that is not common to that area. They would also have to live in a place that is capable to grow plants so they could study them. You wouldn't have to deal with being in a group so if you are a independent person this is the job for you.

What Education is needed?

To be a Botanist you need a minimum of 4 years of college. You also need to have your Bachelors degree. You might also want to take a class in plant biology, chemisty, and physics. There are different colleges in the U.S.A. such as the Universety of Madison, Wisconsin Department of Botany.

What branch of science does this fall under?

A job as a Botanist falls under the science branch of life. This is becuase it deals with plants which are living. The plants count as trees and trees are what make oxegyn. Oxegyn keeps us a live today making this job easily fall under the branch of life. There is not anything that deals with plants and doesn't fall under life. The soil beneath the roots of a plant give source of the life and provide nutritions and nutrients to the life of the plant.

Why should you be a Botanist?

You should be a Botanist becuase they get to investigate plants and test them to see if they have any medical value. This is intresting because maybe you could be the one to discover the cure to cancer. In this centry you could use your technology skills to make research a plant easier. You could be close to nature. Maybe you wouldn't be outside the whole time but you could be staring nature in the face for a job. It would be easier to go on camping trips where you could point out poison berries from the rest. There are a lot of different things you could do with the job of a Botanist that all around make it even better.
Reviewed by Abby Walgurski