The Weekly Comet

Volume 1 Issue 1 8-31-2015

Message from the Principal

Superstars! It has been a great first week. As we walked the building to do our zip walks, we saw almost every classroom focused on instruction. Transitions in the hallways were smooth. Students and teachers were excited to be back. And finally, our arrival and dismissal has improved steadily each day. This is exactly the type of commitment that will help us achieve our mission of preparing 100% of our students for the rigors of college.

Thank you,


Shooting Stars

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Although everyone did a fantastic job last week, we want to give a special shout out to some of our stars who really shone extra bright!

Mr. Austin- I cannot think of a job Mr. Austin din't do. He was everywhere from carpool to cafeteria, from 3rd grade to Pre-K. Wherever he was needed, Mr. Austin was there. Thank you Mr. Austin for exemplifying our core belief that we must have a commitment to children and a commitment to excellence.

Kinder and 1st Grade Dual Language Teachers- With a vacancy in 1st grade and Ms. Lopez on maternity leave in kinder, these teachers decided to absorb students into their classes rather than leave them with a sub for an extended period of time. Not only do these teacher exemplify a commitment to children, they are really prioritizing student achievement.

Ms. Leal- Trying to get the school year started with a broken copier can be unbelievably frustrating. Ms. Leal not only persevered with the copier, she made time to organize the cafeteria so that students could have the same high level of structure during lunch that they have during class. Ms. Leal truly owns her results.

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Reduce the achievement gap between Gen Ed students and Dual language students- Mr. Medaris will be calling together the Gen Ed Task force next week to develop a comprehensive system of supports and interventions to help us close the Gen Ed achievement gap.

Improve Purposeful Aligned Instruction - We will begin our spot observations on Tuesday. As a team we plan to visit every teacher over the next few weeks so we can calibrate ourselves. While teachers will not get scores, they will receive written feedback within 48 hours and they will have a face to face feedback session with their evaluator.

Improve the efficacy of professional development -Today we will release a quick google survey after the PD session to gauge how much the PD session helps improve instruction. In addition, we will be using spot observations to help guide the design of future PD sessions.

Superstar PD-SLOs and PDPs

Monday, Aug. 31st, 3:30pm


We will be working on our SLOs and individual PD plans

Teach Like a Champion-Routines and Procedures

Wednesday, Sep. 2nd, 3:30pm


New teachers will be working on strategies to guarantee routines and procedures are followed with 100% fidelity.

Gen Ed Task Force

Tuesday, Sep. 8th, 3:30pm


Develop system of supports and interventions to reduce the Gen Ed Achievement Gap

Teach Like a Champion-Checks for Understanding

Wednesday, Sep. 9th, 3:30pm


New teachers will develop strategies to assess their students in real time to ensure that every student understands the content.

Superstar PD- Effective Lesson Plans

Monday, Sep. 14th, 3:30pm


We will be working on building consensus around the non-negotiable components of effective lesson plans.