Hurricane Katrina

By Jaime

The Tragedy

New Orleans had a huge tragedy On August 23 2005, 6:30pm is when it all started.It also hit other places but New Orleans was the worst !
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Katrina costs $180 billion and 1 837 people died wow! That's not all 705 people missing,1.5 million people evacuated, millions homeless and it reached category 5! It also wet 93 000 square miles and 20 feet high that's because there levees broke August 29 8 am. The highest wind was 175 mph and the lowest wind was 902 mbar. 400 000 People left after the storm.Last of all people were helping one another.
Hurricane Katrina - YOU MUST WATCH THIS


People went to a super dome to keep safe.People actually saw things and people stealing or looting.It was so tragic!
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5 years later

5 years after that hurricane and they are still building ,$80 more billion to fix and if you go there you will hear thunder WOW!

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