Harappan Culture

Online Poster By: Charles Doubrava


  • The language is one we don't know much about.
  • We do know there are 400 symbols.
  • The symbols are thought to represent phonic sounds.


  • The kids had toys of clay and wood meaning they could afford nonessentials
  • There are very few weapons found where they settled suggesting limited conflict
  • They found a picture of a a creature with mans head, elephant trunk and tusks, horns of a bull and rump of a tiger.
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Role of Religion

  • Close ties to religion
  • Included Hindu culture
  • had preist for prayer
  • Believed to be a theocracy


  • Had a thriving trade
  • Gold and silver came from north Afghanistan
  • Semiprecious stones from Deccan Plateau and Persia crafted into jewelry
  • Indus river provided transportation for goods
  • Bright colored cotton cloth was great in trading
  • land routes from Persia to the Caspian Sea
  • trading lasted from 2600 BC to 1800 BC
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