Kinder Corner

Week of Jan. 9-13

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Happy New Year!

The Kindergarten Team wish your family a prosperous, peaceful, and happiest of New Years!
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Winter Clothes

The weather we have had this winter has been crazy! In the 20's today, then back up to the 60's next week! Please help your child weather the winter by:

1. Labeling all outerwear - including coats, gloves/mittens, hats, scarves

2. Helping your child dress appropriately for the weather of the day. We know that your children may have certain ideas of things they want or don't want to wear. However, we go outside twice a day unless the weather is extremely hot or cold (like today). Please double check the weather forecast as you are leaving the house so they have what they need to be comfortable and safe.

3. Have your child practice zipping coats by themselves and turning sleeves right side out.

Thank you so much for your help with these recess items! We believe children should be able to exercise their bodies as well as their brains to be at their best.

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No Readers for the Next Few Weeks

We begin our Middle of the Year Assessments next week and will not be conducting small groups. Therefore, we will not be sending readers home. We will let you know when reading groups and readers will resume.

Curriculum Coming Up...

Language Arts/Social Studies:

-How animals grow

-Letter: Ff

-SIght word: play

-Word Family: _et