role model

Travis pastrana


My role model is Travis pastrana because he was a great mx rider, he is a gold medal winner in the X games. some of the reasons why I picked this guy.
When he went to high school he had a high school diploma and a x games gold medal.

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races competed in.

He also competed in different races and won them all. Some of his accomplishments are his mark on several sports on top of winning the MAM rookie of the year award in 2000.

championships and broken bones

He has won the supercross championship in 2001 and has won 9 different races so far in his career. this man can go threw a testing cares facilities as a test dummy and walk out as normal. on that topic he has 30 broken bones 12 surgerys and 10 concussions. In conclusion he is funny in the movies he stars and he is the best MX rider i know.