My element is lead.

History of lead.

Lead was discovered in the ancient times and we do not know yet who discovered it.Lead got its name by the ancient romans who used lead as a sweetener in the wine.Lead is found in the most common places all around the world.Lead is usually in the shape of a solid.

Specific details of lead.

Lead's atomic number is 82.Its atomic weight is 207.19.Lead has 82 protons,125 neutrons,and 82 electrons.Lead is very heavy.It's very soft when people touch it.Lead's melting point is 621.5 F,boiling point 3,164 F,and its freezing point is 621.5 F.Lead is very dangerous and safe at certain times. Lead looks like a rock and it is shiny.

Lead can be used in nature.

Lead can be used in many ways in nature.Lead is used for weighing and radiation protection.It has a good reputation because it can save people and other things from radiation.Lead is very common and used very many times.