Hinduism and Buddism

by:camren hartranft

Have you ever heard of Hinduism and Buddism. Hinduism is a religion that is really stricted and its a little bit like buddism . They both have karma .Buddism does not have gods.But hinduism has gods. Buddism uses the 8 fold path and four noble truth. Hinduism is a religion around today so is buddism.

budist life

Buddism was started by siddharta.He started buddism because he did not like the hindu ways even though he was born into the hindu religion.But before he made buddism he was rich soon he started walking and seen so many people suffering then had questions about suffering then he travel around the country later on he sat under a tree then boom it hit him afterthat the tree became known as the tree of wisdom siddharta became known as the budda

hindu life

Hinduism was created when two religion mixed up .Hinduism is strict and they had something called the caste system and if you belong in a different caste you could not talk or eat with people from a different caste and if you disobeyed the laws you would become a untochable and they also were ploytheistic it means many gods they also believed in good and bad karma
Even now these two religion are great and still spreading around the world.
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this is the budda under the tree of wisdom