By: Riley Miller (2nd)

What it's like in a tundra:

It's very cold in a tundra. Temperature can go as low as -34 degrees celsius. There aren't a lot of trees there, but there is lots of plants. The land is manly flat so you can see over it all. The animals in a tundra have to adapt to things like cold climates. They have thick fur and padded feet, made for walking the snow in the winter. Living in the tundra would be hard for us, humans.

Abiotic and biotic factors:

3 abiotic factors are strong winds, rain and soil. 3 biotic factors are different mosses, polar bears and white foxes.

How humans help and hurt tundras:

2 ways humans help tundras are that we pick up trash to stop pollution and we try to use less hot water. 2 ways we hurt the tundras are that we have too much mining and oil extraction and hunting is going on too much.

Interesting facts:

-Tundras are the coldest biome we have! (temp. go below -34 degrees celsius)

-The tundra has over 400 different varieties of flowers!

-Tundras have about 50 different varieties of animals!

-Tundras cover about 20% of the earth!