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Makayla Kimball

Missouri Gas and Energy

Welcome to Customer Connection, your self-service portal to our Customer Care & Billing system. Customer Connection puts you in control, allowing you access to information about your natural gas account without having to speak to a representative. This service affords you the convenience to research questions, change account options and pay your bill at any time, night or day, on your schedule.

Phone: (800) 582- 2478

Web page: https://www.missourigasenergy.com/MGE/companyInfo/ContactUs

Deposit amount: $3.00

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Bin There Dump That

Trash Removal is a part of all of our everyday lives. We compare trash removal to gaining weight. It's easy for that trash to pile up but very difficult to get rid of. Trash is easy to accumulate and before you realize it, all that trash has piled up, rendering usable space as useless. When it comes to trash removal, the most intimidating part can be figuring out where to start and how are you going to get rid of all that trash.

At Bin There Dump That, we understand that it can take a diligent and well organized mind to ensure the space we use to store stuff we might not use on a daily basis doesn't start to encroach on the space we use every day. Over the months or years, you might have grown accustom to placing items to be removed in that area with the promise to remove the trash a little later.

Phone:(816) 419- 7221


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Water Department Board

As a not-for-profit public utility, the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) has provided safe, dependable water and electric services in Kansas City, Kansas, for more than 100 years. Today, BPU services nearly 63,000 electric customers and 50,000 water customers, over approximately a 130 square mile area.

BPU’s primary focus has always been, and remains, the satisfaction of its customers and a commitment to the quality of life in the communities it serves. This has allowed BPU to be recognized as one of the top public utilities in the country.


Web: http://www.bpu.com/ContactusForm.aspx

Deposit: $20.00

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Black Lights and Electric

We’ve installed more than 350 charging stations in our service area, and we’re expanding! Before long, wherever you live, work or play, there will be charging stations nearby. They’ll charge your EV for free for the rest of 2016 and will then cost you less to charge than you now pay for gas. And they’re good for the environment!

Phone:(816) 471-5275


Deposit: $10.00

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