Multiplication Flipped Classroom

Investigations-Unit 5

Unit 5

Take the Unit 5 Pretest. Don't worry if there are items on the test you do not know. Take your time. it does not count against you:) Answer all questions.

Students will know

▪ The meaning of multiplication as combining equal groups.

▪ How to find the multiples of numbers through skip counting.

▪ Multiplication facts of x1, x2, x5, x10.

▪ How to use multiplication and division notation.

▪ How to find the area of a rectangle.

▪ The inverse relationship between multiplication and division.

▪ How to develop strategies for division.

▪ How to use notation.

Students will be able to

▪ Use multiplication patterns to determine a sequence of multiples for the numbers 2,3,4,5,6, and 10.

▪ Use contexts to understand multiplication involving 1 and 0.

▪ Apply the properties of multiplication to find missing factors

▪ Understand the relationship among skip counting, repeated addition, and multiplication.

▪ Model multiplication situations with arrays.

▪ Use known multiplication combinations to solve new problems.

▪ Understand and work with an array/area model.

▪ Understand division as the splitting of a quantity into equal groups.

▪ Use the inverse relationship between multiplication and division to solve problems.

▪ Write, represent and solve problems using notation.