Gender Stereotypes!

Female Stereotype's

There are a lot of stereotype's of women and that they are not strong and can't do anything without a man, but that is just a stereotype because women can be just as strong or independent as men!

List of some Female Stereotypes

-They Pack a lot of clothes.

-They aren't strong or independent.

-Fruity drinks are the only alcoholic beverages women like.

-Women don’t know anything about sports and only watch games because they think the athletes are "hot".

-All women are amazing cooks and know a million delicious recipes.

24 Female stereotypes!

Stereotypes are NOT always true!

Male Stereotypes

A lot of people around the world know about male stereotypes and a lot of people believe them like all males are big, buff, and strong!

Here is a list of some male stereotypes!

-Men don't like to cook.

-Men love the color blue.

-Men enjoy physically rough sports.

-Men engage more in tough jobs.

-Men play Video games.

-Men don't do housework.

-Men are not responsible for taking care of children.

-Men only breakdance and don't dance any other way.