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Week #7 Planet Dixon Enewsletter October 10, 2015

  • We had a great week in Planet Dixon tying up our Character Analysis unit! Students created amazing Character projects and will continue sharing them on Monday since our day was jam-packed with fun on Friday! Pictures will be posted soon!
  • Students also got to see their buddies and teach them our 7 Habits gestures! They love their little buddies and it's so much fun we have so many siblings in Mrs. Avella's class! Click here to see pictures of kinder buddies and more!

Planet Dixon Just Got More TECHY!

A VERY exciting thing entered our classroom on Friday during lunch! Our long-awaited Chromebook Cart!! Mrs. Dixon feels a little more "whole" now that students have their own computers and we can do more with technology :) If your child doesn't have ear buds/headphones please consider getting them some this can sometimes find them at the $ store! They can absolutely borrow the school's big/bulky headphones if not. Finally, BYOD students please feel free to still bring in your devices/tablets!! We can do different things on chromebooks versus tablets and will be using both.

Our First Design Thinking Lesson

Friday for our STEM Friday we focused on Innovation! Students learned about how innovators engineer and design new things. After reading the book, Catch That Rat, students empathized with a character in the book and defined a problem they wanted to solve. They then ideated possible solutions and then actually built the prototypes...the classroom was a creative chaotic mess of cardboard, art supplies, recyclable materials, and 45 excited innovators! Thank you to Dylan's mom who participated in this craziness- I know you enjoyed hearing their conversations and seeing them synergize. What an incredible STEM Friday! Definitely their favorite so far!
What's an Engineer? Crash Course Kids #12.1

Leader in Me Focus

This week we focused on Habit 1 and we discussed "Carrying Your Own Weather." We talked about when things don't go our way we have a Circle of Control (things we CAN control) and the things outside of that circle we can't control. Therefore, being proactive rather than reactive is so important.
FranklinCovey - Carry Your Own Weather

Coming Up Next Week

  • Garden Week
  • Book Fair Week
  • Wednesday- SEES Science Night!

Please click here to access our full calendar and check often.

Thank You and Happy Weekend!!

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