Galileo Galilei

father of observational astronomy,modern physics,and science

Early life

Galileo Galilei was born on February 15,1564 in Pisa,Duchy of Florence, Italy. He was the first of 6 children( only 5 survived infancy) to be be born to Vicenzo Galilei( famous lutenist) and Giulia Ammannati. When he was eight,his family moved to Florence, but he was left with Jacobo Borghini for 2 years. He was then educated at Camaldolese Monasteryat Vallombrosa.

Career as a scientist

He created a thermoscope , studied disegno ( a term encompassing fine art), and in 1588 obtained a position Accademia delle Arti Disengo. Then in 1592 he moved the University of Padua where he taught geometry, mechanics, and astronomy until 1610. During this time he made significant discoveries.

Some portraits of Galileo



Galileo continued to recieve visitors until 1642 when after suffering fever and heart palpitations, he died on January 8, 1642 at the age of 77. The Grand Duke of Tuscany, Ferdinando II, wished to bury him in the main body of Basillica of Santa Croce next to the tombs of his father and other ancestors, and to build a marble mausoleum in his honor.