Be the one to Explore Mars

Anja, Julia and Carina Mission to Mars

Mars and Earth

Mars is the fourth planet away from the sun. Earth is the third planet from the sun. Like Earth, Mars has a day, night and years. In order to have day and night you need to have a sun and a planet that rotates. Mars has a sun and it does rotate. In fact, Mars has the same sun that earth does. Although they have the same sun and they both rotate they have different day and nights. The length of time for day and night is determined by how long it takes for the planet to rotate all the way around on its axis. (One full orbit) It takes Mars 24 hours and 34 minutes to make one full orbit on its axis. One Earth day is 24 hours. So Mars has a day that is a little bit longer than Earths day.
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Eclipses on Mars

Mars has all of the necessary factors to have eclipses. These factors are, moon, sun and the planet has to revolve. Mars sees the same eclipses that we see, solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. But Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos, so therefore the eclipses can happen double the amount of times that it happens on Earth in one orbit.