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Teacher Appreciation Week Tech Ideas


Next week, May 6th - 10th is Teacher Appreciation Week. A huge kudos to each and every one of you who reads this, in the trenches everyday, working to share our love of our content with our students each day. Although we may have a special list of nonmaterial items that we may desire, there are some easy ways to celebrate teacher friends near and far using technology. Below are a few simple ideas that could be done to celebrate a teacher friend during a well-deserved week!

Create a Flipgrid

Flipgrid has become such a valuable tool to use in the classroom, its use could be quite evident in this instance. A few options for this would be to create a Flipgrid for your students to record a positive message for another teacher, or their favorite moment with a teacher.This provides an opportunity for a trip down memory lane full of laughter, silliness, and the reminder that we are making a difference.

Create a Wakelet Collection

If you don't want to do a video-based response, Wakelet is another great option. This is like an interactive bulletin board full of Post-It notes. Students could respond about one thing they've learned in their favorite teacher's class or create a collage of compliments. Or, they could write a thank you Wakelet to a teacher of their choice.

Interact with Other Teachers on Twitter

You've read this many times before, but Twitter is a treasure trove for discovering ideas and sharing thoughts on the teaching day. It could also be a great outlet to celebrate other teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. Simply scroll through and find a specific hashtag of interest, throw it into a Google search and scroll. You don't even have to have a Twitter account to do this!

Laugh Away the Stress with YouTube

Our profession can be full of moments where we can't help but chuckle, or even laugh out loud at what happens on a daily basis. But, there are some people who have lived those laughs who have created videos to provide us with that humorous jolt. A few of my favorites are Gerry Brooks, Kid President, the Key and Peele attendance video as well as the Teacher Center video, and even the Mr. D planning his sick days video. If you're wanting a laugh about teachers and teaching, check out one of those videos

The Humor Archives at We Are Teachers

In addition to the hilarious videos, there is an entire archive of articles aimed at making us laugh. The folks over at We Are Teachers have compiled an entire archive of items to escape the reality of our busy teacher schedules. Everything from articles focused on being "teacher tired" to lists about different aspects of the job. But, the best part of this archive are the countless collections of memes about teaching that are spot on!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

It goes without saying how thankless of a job we make our living from. Teaching is the profession that makes all other professions happen. So, I want you all to know that you are the reason some students come to school each day, and you're appreciated by countless individuals more than you may realize! I wish you the best Teacher Appreciation Week possible, full of snacks, gifts, and the realization that you are making a difference each day you walk through the school doors.

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