Jackie Robinson's Perserverance

Examples From The Noble Experiment

Who was Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in a national baseball league, that had previously been all white. He faced much adversity and had to persevere to become the legend he is today.

Unfairness and Having No One On His Side

“However, not for one minute did we believe the tryout was sincere. The Boston club officials praised us, let us fill out application cards, and said “So long.” We were fairly certain they had no intention of calling us, and we had no intention of calling them” (pg.291).

“There’s virtually no one on our side. No owners, no umpires, very few newspapermen” (pg.293).

Jackie Robinson was not treated equally and few influential people would stand proudly by him. This was all adversity he had to overcome.

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Insults and Racism

Jackie Robinson would have himself, family, and race insulted when he went out on the field. He never would fight back (pg.294).

Jackie Robinson would be judged by his skin color, not his playing like the rest of the team (pg.294).

Jackie Robinson had to persevere through all the insults, personal attacks, and racism that he faced every time he went out on the field.

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A famous quote of Jackie Robinson

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A vintage Jackie Robinson baseball card.


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