1.Life As A Knight

Life as a knight is not so easy we have to work for the King

2. Feudalism

A political and social class system based on agreement between lords vassals!

2. Knight

A vassal or lesser noble who fought on behalf of his lord in return for land!

2. Lord

A noble who owned land!

3.This is a picture of a knight!

Knights worked for the king and they made sure that no one was aloud up their but them,Nobles,and the King! Knights protected the king from enemy's that would try to take over the kingdom!

4. Of the Internet

Knighthood flourished before the time of guns and gunpowder, when battles still were won by hand-to-hand conflicts of heavy-armored cavalrymen
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4. Of the inrternet

This education usually began at the age of seven, when the young man was taken from his home and sent to the castle of some famous nobleman, perhaps his father’s lord.
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5. Questions and Answers

Q: I wonder what it was like back then when there were kings to serfs
A: the king had to to do nothing,
the nobles were a little richer then the knights,
the knights guarded the castle,
and the serfs/peasants had to grow the food for them self's so they would not starve.

6. picture of a middle age map

This is a picture of a middle age map
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7. My opnion

This makes me feel what if life in the middle ages were still in this time their would be no clean water less technology, no hygiene so life in the middle ages would been horrible cause i would be a serf!

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