Andrew Jackson

Superzero Jackson

King = bad

Andrew Jackson could be considered to be like a King. He abused his powers to much. He abused it when the Supreme Court ordered that the Cherokee could keep there land and still ignored it. He used the power of veto for multiple things like closing the bank.

The Trail of Tears

During the Trail of Tears Jackson sent the US army to go take the Natives off there land in Georgia and take them to Oklahoma. Most of the Cherokee Indians had to walk and many died of starvation thirst and disease. on the way just because Jackson wanted there land.

"Spoils System"

When Jackson became president he had the "Common Man" to thank for coming out to vote for him because they thought he was more like them because he grew up like a "Common Man". Jackson thought he should repay them by giving away Government jobs. This was very unfair to give jobs to less educated people.

Above the rest

In this political cartoon it shows how Jackson thought about himself compared to the Native Americans. He thought he was so much better and higher than them just because they were Natives. Andrew Jackson also thought that he was helping them by making them leave to Oklahoma.

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