Savanna Blanco,1-11-16 7th

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How did i grow as a student this semester?

I learned almost everything to do good in class. Taking cornell notes and looking back at them I did good on my test and quizzes. Avid helped me be organized with everything so I don't lose stuff like other people that are not in avid.

Cornell notes

Cornell notes helped me stay organized because if I don't understand a subject I can look back at my notes. If I have homework or a quiz and I don't know the answer I can look back at my notes and find the answer. It also can be a great tool for me to study for a up coming quiz or test.



TRF helped me a lot because in some of my classes I don't understand so I get help from other people. If I have a question about my homework I can ask the people around me what to do. They help me a lot on my homework.


Binder checks

Before I came to avid my binder was a mess. I was never organize, my binder was so messy I had papers in the packet. Binder checks helped me a lot because it helps me stay organized and I can find my papers.


Community Service

When we did Mission Arlington it made me realize that I'm very greatful to have what I have today. After we did that it felt great to give people food when they don't have food. Doing community service is a great feeling because you are helping the homeless people that don't have anything.



Organization is the main thing that I can not keep. When I got in Avid the first thing was to organized. So I had to be organized or else I would fail the binder check and that is keeping me so organized.


What will I do next semester to contiune to grow in these areas?

I will study a lot more. I will stay organized and I will have better grades. I will continue taking cornell notes and doing it right. I will ask my teachers what can I do to make my grades improve.