Come and enjoy the nice blue sky and the amazing weather


We our located in the United Republic of Tanzania. A country in East Africa within the African Great Lakes region. Our capital is Dodoma.


Usually we have a fine , clear sky and sunny weather. We sometimes have short rains.


We our are tropical. We range from 10 and 20c (50 and 68f) during cold and hot season.

Rest of the country rarely falls lower than 20c (68f)

Physical Characterisitics

There are not large rivers, but three great rivers of Africa arise in Tanzania . Cultivation of maiza and cotton using drought cattle. We our on the outside of Africa.
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We speak Swahill and English


Music labor. Marriages are arranged by the parents of the bride and groom. The dowry may include live stocks, money, clothing, locally brewed beer. The basic family structure us extended, but the pressure of development have led to nuclear family units. There more in the urban areas.


Our men do not shake hands with women. We don't use left hands while giving gifts.


Committed to applying the law consistently responsibly and with credibility using the skills and knowledge. We believe in being fair and honest with each other.

  • Christians = 30%
  • Muslims =35%
  • Indigenous beliefs = 35%
  • Zanibar- more than 99% muslims
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Our Goverment type: Republic. National symbol-Uhuru (freedom) torch. National color our green, yellow, blue, black. We have 30 regions and 7 political parties and leaders.

Culture landscape

Rectangular houses made of wood and thatch, beehive shaped houses

Evidence of culture diffusion

We import things from china and other socialist countries. Now days, we have a way higher quality.

Evidence of culture change

Increasing a bigger cap between the rich and the poor.


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