Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

February 2

Moreau Heights is a collaborative community focused on student growth with a commitment to excellence.

PBS lesson -

The PBS lessons for the week will focus on how to accept "No" as an answer. Please look to reinforce students for accepting "no" and following adult directions, especially when its hard.

Our Second Steps lessons this week will focus Managing Emotions. The third week is about .

Kindergarten will learn about handling anger.

1st grade will work on managing worry.

Grade 2 will work on managing anger.

Grade 3 will work on managing anger.

Grade 4 will focus on avoiding jumping to conclusions.

Grade 5 will work on resisting revenge.

Are you using Charger Cash to reinforce PBS expectations and Second Step skills?

- We want to use positive reinforcement to draw attention to what we want to see more of from our students.

- How do you make sure you are putting the focus where you want it?

- Are you remembering to use all your tools? Specific feedback? Charger Cash?

"You are a giant, yellow highlighter. Highlight behavior you want more of, and help children become aware of the many kind and helpful things they do each day."

Link for Great Strategies for Specific Areas of Need

Want some ideas of how to respond when students show they need it? Check out the suggestions via this link!

Conscious Discipline Connection

When we help students to find the words to express themselves to have their needs met, we make EVERYONE'S life easier!

We want to assume positive intent and help to develop skills to support both short and long-term growth with social skills. This also helps to foster positive relationships because students feel like you see them as "good kids" who just need some help. Students know you believe in them!

Duties for the Week

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Wanting Some Behavioral Support Ideas?

If you are wanting to set up a time to talk with Doug about behavioral interventions and support for a student in your class, please submit the form through the link below.

Calendar of Events

Monday, Feb. 5

*iReady data discussions grades k-4 during plan times

*Parent mtg 1:00 (Haugen, Frank, James)

*MAP training for 5th grade teachers 4-6 at West School Library

Tuesday, Feb. 6

*New Crew 7:00 a.m.

*DF IEP (Haugen, Gaines, Humphreys, McKim, Treat) 10:00

*CD IEP (Haugen, Gaines, Humphreys, McKim) 10:45

*Session with Mizzou team about research study 3:45

*Parent mtg (Haugen, McGeorge) 4:30

Wednesday, Feb. 7

*District Admin meeting 9 - 11:30 (Sue at Dix Rd)

*DB IEP (Treat, Haugen, Mantle, Hoffmeyer) 3:30

*MAP training for 4th grade teachers 4-6 at Dix Rd.

Thursday, Feb. 8

*Collaboration Day

*Elementary Principal Mtg 8 - 12 (Sue at BOE)

*PTO Talent Show 6:00

Saturday, Feb. 10

*Groundbreaking for Second High School 11:00

Monday, Feb. 12

*RZ IEP (Haugen, James, Spear, Treat, Kaiser) 10:00

*Students dismissed early 1:15

*PD session 1:45 - 3:45

*3rd grade MAP training 3:30 - 5:30

Tuesday, Feb. 13

*Conscious Discipline parent mtg 11:00

*EG IEP (Connelly, Haugen, Humphreys, James, Spear, Rackers, Lock) 1:15

*Tier 2 mtg 3:45

*PTO mtg 6:00

Wednesday, Feb. 14

*Classroom celebrations 1:45

*EB IEP (Haugen, Treat, Fleming) 3:30

Thursday, Feb. 15

*Collaboration Day

Fire Inspection PASSED!

One note from our fire inspector:

Existing Christmas lights may stay. They are to be unplugged every night. No timers allowed. Any new lights must be LED.

Difference Maker Nomination Form

Nominate a staff member who has made a positive impact for students, families and staff!

Kelly's Coaching Corner

Our ICLE visit was a productive day of learning and reflecting. It was evident we all came to collaboration time with a Growth Mindset. Thank you all for being an active participate in planning, teaching, and reflecting.

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Recognize Awesome Students

Excellence comes in many forms. It can be realized through hard work in the classroom. It can also be attained through artistic or athletic performance. Excellence is a product of dedication, passion, and a constant desire to improve. Nominate your JCPS Student Superstar(s) today!

Notices and Reminders:

*Enter graded assignments in Infinite Campus each week by Tuesday to keep grades updated. We have parents who use this tool to track their child's academic progress!


1 - clean your filter. a clogged filter leads to a shorter bulb life, which leads to a frustrated teacher who is waiting for a new bulb.

2 - turn off your projector when it is not in use. I at times see empty classrooms with projectors left on. This leads to a shorter bulb life, which leads to a frustrated teacher who is waiting for a new bulb.