Poetry Project

by Alazar Asrat

I Wish

I wish I had 6 hours of sleep

I wish i had a drivers license

I wish i had a Datsun 240z

I wish i had less home work

I wish i had only 2 hours of school

I wish i had Dark souls 2 for the ps3

I wish i had an airplane ticket to Japan

I wish i had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true


There once was a homeless man

Who wore a bright red cap

and spent his afternoons in a deep nap

The man was always tired

Even though he's been fired

He had no home

and no where to go

But still he never felt low

Because the man had a big secret

He spent is nights fighting crime

And traveling through time

So you see the man wasn't

an ordinary homeless man

but a crime fighting time travler

Free style

There once was a man named Alazar

Who always longed for a great nap

but his hopes where shattered by his ap class

which he dreaded not to pass