Changing Weather Patterns

changing weather

The weather is changing every day and things are getting worse like the ocean and land and wetlands.The places with snow won't be there anymore due to warm weather.

Violent storms.

Violent storms like Hurricanes, Tornado, And the occasional Thunderstorm are caused by the change in the weather patterns. For example Thunder storms develop when warm, humid air near the ground is lifted by converging surface winds and rises quickly in a unstable atmosphere. Under these conditions Cumulonimbus clouds develop rapidly to potentially reach the heights of up to 20 kilometers with associated lightning, thunder, Severe wind gust from down droughts, and heavy rain and hail.

sea level rising

The sea level is rising because of the ice melting and expanding in the ocean due to warmer water.It could cause flash flooding and damage homes and people.It can also cause shore erosion and hazard from storms.

Snow Caps Melting

In addition to the already increasing amount of melting ice, Global warming is expected to increase the amount of precipitation in the polar regions. Three reasons for this are
1.) warmer air carries more moisture than cold
2.) Warmer waters can cause more evaporation in the oceans
3.) Lessened sea ice can cause more evaporation from the oceans because more of the waters are exposed to the atmosphere.
Global warming could therefore be expected initially to increase both melting and snowfall. Depending on which dominates, the early result could either be an overall decay or an overall growth of ice sheets.