Science Project

By:Noah Turonis

Soil Creep

What is happening to the soil is that it is slowly moving down the hill ending up with having trees sidewards. This picture was taken at Otter Kill Rd. I took this picture at 3:12. I know that this is a soil creep because of trees being sideways. The area that this picture was taken use to be a school in the 1960 's.

U-shaped valley

The picture at the bottom is a u shaped valley (sorry but that was the best angle to get the picture, if you see this u shaped valley you can tell it was a bad photo.0). The location is at Otter Kill Rd. the time was 3:23. I know this is a u shaped valley because it is shaped like a u. No interesting facts.

Rocky shoreline

This is a rocky shoreline. The location is Hudson Rd. The time was 4:20. This is a rocky shoreline because it has rocks on a shoreline. No interesting facts.

Mature river

This is a mature river. The location was at the hudson. the time was 4:30. I Know that this is a mature stream because the river is slow moving. I don't know any interesting facts about it.

youthful stream

This is a youthful stream. The location is at Hudson Rd. The time this was taken was at 4:26. I know this is a youthful stream because the stream is moving fast therefore eroding more of the hill. Don't Know any interesting facts.
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A beach is a rocky or sandy area near water. location of the picture is at the hudson. Time was 4:37. I know this is a beach because it was rocky and next to water. Don't know anything interesting.
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This is a Landslide. The location is at the red bridge (Don't know exact location). Time was 4: 53. I know this was a landslide because of there being less land on the edge of hill and a lot of dirt at bottom of hill. No interesting facts. (Don't know if you can see it but its there.)

Glacial erratic

This is a glacial erratic. This picture was taken near Hudson. Time was 4:57. I know this is a glacial erratic because it is a boulder that shouldn't be at that place. (again don't know if you can see it clearly.)
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Metamorphic scarp

This is a metamorphic scarp. The location is at west point. Time was 5:04. I know this is a metamorphic scarp because of metamorphic rock being in a cliff. No known interesting facts.
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V shaped valley

This is a v shaped valley. Location is Hudson Rd. time was 5:12. I know this is a v shaped valley because it is a valley that is v shaped. No known interesting facts.( This is a miniature v shaped valley.)
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