Weekly Update

Week of December 23rd 2015

Winter Break is upon us...

We hope you all take some time and spend it with your family and/or doing things that you love. This week we started watching Marie Antoinette in class to get us ready for our upcoming shift towards the French Revolution. While the movie isn't entirely historically accurate, it does an excellent job of showing the opulence and lavishness of French Society at this time. Last week we took a Quiz on Absolutism and the Age of Exploration and while students may not have received these back yet many of their grades are available on Infinite Campus. During the film we also offered an opportunity for students to make up missing work from the past couple of units. After today, if some work is still missing it may be turned in but further class time won't be used for these past assignments.

Engage your student at home with the following:

  • Who was Louis XIV?
  • What is divine right?
  • What are the benefits of having an absolute monarch? The negatives?
  • What do you think will happen as a result of having absolute monarchs throughout Europe?
  • Describe Marie Antoinette's life in Versailles.
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Find something that you enjoy with your students over the break.

Perhaps it is a walk in the park, playing a game, or sharing some of your favorite media. Many people are getting back into boardgames, as a reaction to all the digital things out there. Try some awesome new ones that are good for a variety of ages and for families. I'll say that, personally, I've always had great fun with CatchPhrase and the newly released Exploding Kittens. There is still nothing wrong with some great TV or movies though and feel free to boot up Netflix and start a new show or movie. Perhaps try integrating some more gratefulness into your life and, of course, don't forget about yourself and your significant other. Taking care of yourself is just as important and may include starting a new hobby or a new keystone habit. In any case, have a great holiday and we look forward to seeing your students back in the new year.