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How are we doing?

Libraries are more important than ever these days! Not only are librarians ready to help students with devices, accessing resources, and supporting teachers, they are also helping them find their next favorite book. Here's a quick peek at how Katy libraries are doing.

Digital Resource Statistics from September through November

Gale Databases: 75,060 enrolled in sessions

Britannica: 249,466 queries

World Book: 32,738 content views

PebbleGo: 327,581 article views

PebbleGo Next: 8339 article views

Sora: 67,694 total checkouts

Destiny: 333,545 total checkouts

Top Circulating books for Fall of 2020

Spotlight on Digital Resources

Gale In Context is a student-friendly database that features articles, maps, videos, and so much more! Students can save results to their Google Drive and citation information is included in multiple formats. This is a great digital resource for general research for all grade levels. Students can access Gale in Context through the Library collection on MyKaty Cloud.

Katy ISD Library Services

Sofia Darcy - Library Coordinator

Allison Dominguez - Library Cataloger